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What we do



We provide our clients with desktop feasibility reports, using bespoke software, at the earliest stages of their projects; often before the purchase of their site. Our reports include advice on the potential for development and, to give this advice, we look at the site topography, planning history, conservation area status, listed building status, flood plane analysis, daylighting impact, party wall assessment, and planning policy. If appropriate, we will produce a massing model to illustrate our advice.

Our feasibility packs are often found to be essential in obtaining funding and assist in our clients producing detailed viability reports.

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During the concept stage of work we listen to our client’s brief; their technical requirements and emotional aspirations. We analyse the site and its context, and produce concept design packs that are often used to reinforce the potential of a development. In many cases, the concept stage of our services culminates in a pre-application submission to the local planning authority, which is a valuable indication of the potential success of a future planning application.



The developed design stage takes our concept designs on to a further level of detail, enabling our clients to fully understand their development, how it will work for them, and how it will sit within its context. During the developed design stage, initial cost reports may be produced, along with other investigations required by the design team. GUNN Associates may act as lead consultant from this point onwards, organising the full design team of consultants, engineers, and surveyors.

The developed design stage will often lead to a planning application for the development.

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GUNN Associates have extensive experience of designing developments to exceed building regulations, and homebuilder guarantee providers’ guidelines. We work with, and lead, the design team in order to ensure that our clients’ developments satisfy statutory requirements.



More detailed than building regulations documentation, GUNN Associates will work with the design team to coordinate and lead the production of a suite of tender documents. We advise our clients on strategy for getting best value and optimum results for their development. We compile tender lists from our directory of known contractors and organise for the issue and return of the tender packs. This stage of our services often concludes with a construction contract being ready to be let to a building contractor.

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GUNN Associates performs the role of contract administrator on construction contracts; from commencement on site to the issue of the practical completion certificate and beyond to the end of the defects period. We have experience in a range of contract types including traditional, design & build, and construction management. If required we act as employer’s agent, and can also be novated to the main contractor.



GUNN Associates can provide you with computer-generated models throughout the various stages of the design process. The models vary from ‘cardboard’ concept models to photorealistic images. Computer-generated models really help our clients understand their developments, from a very early stage. They are used to illustrate developments to all stakeholders, including funders, local authorities, and end-users. We also use them as an additional design tool.



GUNN Associates are dedicated to providing sustainable design solutions and advice. Not only does this create developments that have a lower impact on the environment but also developments that are more economic to use.